Music Festival Prep

By JAFRA Staff - Apr 20, 2017 - Facebook Twitter

How to get ready for a music-filled weekend with your squad

It’s festival season! The days are getting longer and it’s time to get ready to have some serious fun with your squad. There’s nothing like the excitement before a big, memory-making adventure with your best friends. If you’re planning a trip to a music festival this season, here are a few tips to make sure you and your squad have the best time possible.

What to Wear

Outfit planning is a critical part of preparation for any event with your friends. Someone is bound to bring the same crochet top, and it’s best to get those kinks ironed out before you leave. Make sure to pack for different weather conditions, like rain and extreme heat. Light jackets are a must and bring boots or sneakers in case things get muddy. Don’t forget about festival accessories, like pretty metallic flash tattoos to put on each other.

The Essentials

There are some things your simply can’t enjoy a festival without. You can reference our Music Festival Fundamentals checklist for this one.

Pre-Festival Playlist

Road jams! A good playlist will make you and your squad dance and laugh together before the festival even begins. Be sure to include all of your favorite tunes from back in the day and throw in some new ones from the artists you’re all dying to see live.

Behind the Music

Take some time to learn about the festival schedule before you and your squad gets going. Figuring out what artist is going to be on what stage and when will ensure that no one misses out on seeing their favorites. You can also scope out some of the performers you’ve never heard of before, so you know which new music to add to your playlist for the way back home. There’s bound to be some overlap, where you’ll want to see two acts that are performing at the same time, but that’s what friends and FaceTime are for. 😉

Sound Mind & Body

Make sure you and your friends take care of yourselves while you’re festing. Keeping your mind and body on the up and up can be the difference between getting an autograph from your favorite artist and cutting your trip short. Make sure to stay hydrated and stretch when you can. It may sound weird, but jumping up and down for hours and sleeping on the ground for days can take its toll on your body.

Bring Friends, Make Friends

Music festivals are an experience best shared, with both new friends and old! Introduce yourself to your neighbors when you set up camp and see if any of you are planning to go to any of the same stages at the same time. Who knows, you may even find a new addition to your squad. The more the merrier!