Music Festival Fundamentals

By JAFRA Staff - Apr 18, 2017 - Facebook Twitter

Must haves for you and your squad so you can fest with the best of them

Festival season is upon us, everyone! This is the perfect time of year to hit the road with your squad and hit up one of the awesome music festivals on the horizon. The sun is high and the music never stops, but you and your girls could have a really rough fest experience if you aren’t properly prepared. Here’s a checklist we put together of things you should bring along to make sure your bases are covered concert-wise.

  1. Earplugs – Don’t get stuck too close to the speakers without these babies! Earplugs will keep your ears from ringing days after the fun is over.
  2. Fanny Pack – A hands-free hot 90s alternative to dragging around your standard bag. Dance as hard as you want to without a care in the world.
  3. Toilet Paper & Shower Wipes – Have you ever used a Porta Potty? We rest our case.
  4. Reusable Water Bottle – Stay hydrated without losing your spot at the Main Stage by keeping a CamelBak or other refillable water source on hand.
  5. Solar Phone Charger – No selfies should be lost to the hands of a dead phone. Solar chargers are a great option for festivals. Stay charged and ready all weekend long!
  6. Mini Fan – Stay cool with a handheld fan and enjoy the sun without the sweat.
  7. Selfie Stick – This one is pretty self(ie)-explanatory. Put that stick in the sky and capture every moment of fun with your squad!
  8. Sunglasses & SPF – Festivals are all fun and games, but sun damage never takes a vacation! Protect your eyes with a cute pair of sunnies and your skin with an SPF like JAFRA Sun Spray Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30.
  9. Hand Sanitizer – This one is a no brainer. A quick squeeze will de-germ your hands in all of the many festival scenarios where there is no running water around.
  10. Blotting Wipes – Sure, you’re going to get dirty, but that doesn’t mean you have to be shiny.
  11. (ALL the) Snacks – Keep you and your squad from getting hangry by packing tons of healthy snacks to keep you going, like granola bars and trail mix.
  12. Temporary Tattoos – One of the most fun things on this list! Get into the festival spirit with metallic flash tattoos on your arms, hands, ankles, around your eyes, anywhere!
  13. Dry Shampoo – A good way to keep up with your locks for the weekend. Pulling your hair up and out of your face, or rocking a festival appropriate fishtail braid will keep it a little cleaner, too.
  14. Walkie Talkies – Are you ready to rock? 10-4. Bring some walkie talkies to communicate with your squad on the festival grounds just in case the cell phone reception is lacking…or just because they’re really fun. 😉
  15. Boots and Ponchos – You and your squad can have fun in all kinds of weather, so pack accordingly. Bring a light rain jacket and comfy boots in case things get muddy so you can have fun, rain or shine.