Dressed to Fest

By Stephanie Smith - Apr 21, 2017 - Facebook Twitter

The best new looks for festival season 2017

Year after year, it seems like a given that music festival fashion never changes. Ah, but not so fast. This year, it has! Finally, it’s safe to ditch that passé flower crown and culturally appropriated feather headdress in favor of cooler and more comfortable styles. What’s hot? Keep reading!

Bathing Suits as Body Suits

It’s hot outside. You’re in the sun for hours. What could be better, or more fitting, than a bikini top? Swimsuits as bodysuits will be everywhere this season, as seen at Coachella. Feeling extra daring? A bralette will also do the trick. Either choice can work with any bottom too; from cut offs, to track suit pants, to chic skirts to sailor pants. Make a statement and get some sun, just don’t skimp on the sunscreen!

DJs in your PJs

Pajamas as anything but have been a thing for a while. It’s no wonder this trend is making its rounds on the festival circuit. Comfortable and extra breathable when worn open with – you guessed it, a bralette or bathing suit top underneath. You’ll be styling whether you want to dance all night, or take a nap.

Braids and Buns

As you may have noticed, the 90s are back and there’s no place where that’s more obvious than festival hairstyles. Harken back to Gwen Stefani in her No Doubt days – or more recently, Lena Dunham in the final season of Girls, with a pair of mini buns atop your head. Go full Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart with waist length braids and you’ll fit right in at any festival.

Double Denim

Don’t worry, we’re not talking Britney and Justin in the early 2000s! However, double denim has made a serious comeback and can be chic when handled with the right touch. That means no matching sets.

Lennon and Lolita

No festival wardrobe is complete without the right shades. Round specs are having a moment of course, but if you’re feeling funky (we’re talking about music festivals, after all), heart shaped sunglasses will up your fashion ante and feel like fun!